Book Review: The Smarter Science of Slim by Jonathan Bailor

I had the privilege of meeting Jonathan Bailor and his lovely wife Angela on the 2013 Low Carb Cruise. I was impressed by Jonathan’s passion for helping others and his talk was informative and entertaining. By the end of the cruise I knew I had to read his book The Smarter Science of Slim. I can honestly say this book didn’t disappoint.

The Smarter Science of Slim

Jonathan splits this book into 7 parts, explaining each section in detail and backing up his statements with solid science.

Part 1 dives right into the calories in/calories out theory, and smartly knocks it out of the ring. He explains how fat metabolism works, and uses an easy to understand analogy about clogged sinks. He also talks about set points, which is something not commonly discussed. I found this information particularly interesting as I’ve experienced a lot of what he described in regards to weight management, or lack thereof. Jonathan also tackles the often argued point of exercise and its role in fat loss. By the end of this section, it seems he’s done a KO on the idea that energy balance is the main factor for weight management.

Part 2 discusses calories once again, but here he clarifies that there is a distinctive difference between types of calories and their quality. We quickly learn that there are four calorie quality factors; Satiety, Aggression, Nutrition, and Efficiency. Jonathan goes into each one in detail and helps us start to understand the SANE approach to eating.

Moving to Part 3, we get a little shorter, but certainly not less important chapter that delves into understanding hormones and the part they play in our metabolism. I was a little freaked out by the parabiosis explanation (it’s right out of a horror film for animals), but I understand the point of the experiment and it does prove some powerful points in regards to the differences in hormone regulation from body to body.

In Part 4, we learn about good old government guidelines – who started this whole mess, how politics and big business play a role in nutritional guidelines, and how we got to where we are today as a dietary fat-phobic nation. This emphasis on low-fat has led to what Mr. Bailor refers to as inSANEity in our meal plans and nutritional well being.

Part 5 really punches our sickcare (notice I didn’t call it healthcare) and food industry right in the money belt. He explains how companies are gaining profits from a sick and obese society, and why they will not change their ways. It’s up to us to make the changes we need.

He begins Part 6 by explaining that the solution is to eat more and eat smarter, by making better choices. He again gets into detail on the SANE approach and walks you through each step of the program. He clarifies that this is not a “diet”, but a natural way of eating that allows your body to heal a “clogged metabolism” and get back on track with your help. No counting or rigid meal plans – just eating from the SANE foods until you are full and satisfied.

The last section of the book we find an extensive amount of information on exercising less, the smart way. He talks about burning fat, helpful hormones, lowering set points, and so much more. We even get diagrams showing how to properly execute a SANE workout – with or without a gym membership.

While this may not be vastly different from other low carb or ancestral health books on the market, I believe it’s well worth the money. The points in this book that do stand out from the crowd are certainly worth the price and time you’ll invest. I feel I’ve learned a lot from reading The Smarter Science of Slim and I’ll be recommending it often.

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  1. Looks like a great book. Unfortunately I only see it on Amazon for over $100. Anywhere to get it cheaper?

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