Is a Low-Carb Diet Low in Antioxidants? by Dana Carpender

I find the pronouncements from the dieticians and the medical industry more and more amusing every day. I recently read a column by a dietician who admitted that all of the research demonstrates that a low carbohydrate diet works for weight loss, and contrary to the dire predictions, actually results in better blood work than a low fat/high carb diet. She also admitted that there have been no indications of a problem with low carb diets long term. Still, she said, people shouldn't go on low carb diets because, after all, antioxidants are terribly important, and to get them we need to eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

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Plan Your Low-Carb Super Bowl Party by Dana Carpender

Confession: I am perhaps the only person in the entire state of Indiana who will not be watching the Colts play in the Super Bowl next weekend. It's partly that I simply find football - and other games - dull, and so does That Nice Boy I Married. It's also because having worked with some pro-footballers in my career as a massage therapist, I know all too well just exactly what they're doing to their bodies. I can't watch all those 300 pound guys run sideways into each other's knees. Ouch.

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Diets Don’t Work. However, Diet Does by Dana Carpender

How many of you made a New Year's Resolution to go on a diet? The statement "diets don't work, but diet does" emphasizes the importance of adopting a sustainable, well-balanced, and personalized dietary approach, such as a low-carb diet, instead of relying on short-term, extreme, or fad diets that may not provide long-lasting results. A low-carb diet, when properly implemented, can help individuals achieve their health and weight loss goals while still enjoying a variety of nutrient-rich foods

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Can I Have Alcohol On My Low-Carb Lifestyle? By Dana Carpender – Includes City Lights Low-Carb Cosmo Recipe

City Lights Low-Carb Cosmo Recipe

Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, whether it comes from beer, wine, liquor, or mixed drinks. It's also carb-free. It does, however, slow metabolism quite a lot so don't expect to actually lose weight if you're making merry. Includes Dana's City Lights Low-Carb Cosmo Recipe.

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Dana Carpender Does Politics – Food Politics That Is

I have, over the years, resolutely kept my political views out of my writing about carb-controlled nutrition. Not that I don't have such views, you understand. I'm just as opinionated in that part of my life as I am about food. I just had this mental image of someone with severe metabolic syndrome reading my work, finding some political view he or she disagreed with, and saying, "I'm not going to listen to anything that nutcase says!" After which, of course, they'd get their feet amputated and go blind from diabetic complications, and it would all be my fault. Or at least partly my fault.

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