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Marie Callender’s Low Carb Restaurant Review

Marie Callender’s Low Carb Restaurant Review

For the low-carb dieter, Marie Callender’s restaurant does exactly one thing right. And they do it so well that it’s nearly enough to recommend it, but not quite. For those on a low-carb diet, Marie Callender’s won’t be your first choice, but if you do a little on-line recon first, and carefully plan your meal, you won’t go hungry.

Slater’s 50/50 Restaurant: It’s about the bacon

Slater's 50/50 Restaurant

Slater’s 50/50 Restaurant: The first thing you notice as the food arrives is a steak knife stabbed through the heart of each meal, standing upright and proud. As if it were a message from the chef: “Here’s your damn burger, enjoy.” What a statement! And the only way to back up a statement like is with a great meal.

Churrascaria Restaurants : Brazilian Low Carb / High Fat Heaven

CarbSmart Magazine October 2013

A Brazilian Churrascaria is an all-you-can-eat steakhouse, commonly referred to as a Brazilian Steakhouse. Just let that sink in a moment. Steak, all you can eat. And they don’t just serve steaks. In addition to bacon-wrapped filet mignon; marinated skirt steak, tri-tip; top sirloin; garlic beef; rib eye; and smoked short ribs, the selection also includes Polish sausage; BBQ chicken thighs; marinated pork loin; and marinated lamb. All you can eat.

A Rebel Among Skeptics in the Low Carb World

CarbSmart Magazine September 2013

A Rebel Among Skeptics in the Low Carb World: I was a skeptic before I started my low-carb diet and I have a skeptic to this day. What I learned is that even some of the best skeptics and scientists make many of the very same errors in their own logic and reasoning that they spot in the arguments of charlatans and quacks.

Low Carb Restaurant Review: Outback Steakhouse

CarbSmart Magazine September 2013

After 2 years on the Atkins diet, you’d think I’d learn not to be disappointed when a restaurant doesn’t meet my expectations of a good selection of food for the low-carb high-fat dieter. But it seems that every time I visit a new restaurant, even if I like the food served, it comes up short. Outback Steakhouse is no exception.

Tony Roma’s – Sweet. Too Sweet For a Low Carb Lifestyle

CarbSmart Magazine Issue 5 July 2013

Tony Roma’s – Sweet. Too Sweet For a Low Carb Lifestyle by Ed Stockly. Tony my never go to Tony Roma’s again and he thinks that’s a shame. It’s not that they don’t do a good job making some food a low carb dieter can enjoy, it’s just that they can do so much better.

Counting Carbs at The Counter: Premium Burger Restaurant Review

The Counter® Custom Built Gourmet Burgers

The Counter Custom Built Gourmet Burgers is not a low carb restaurant, but it is a restaurant where low carb dieters can have a delicious, healthy, low carb / high fat meal. With locations in nine states and three countries, we have a great option to make us not feel like a second-class citizen.