Restaurant Reviews

It happens all the time – you need to eat at a restaurant but you want to maintain your low carb lifestyle. Most restaurants have a few items on their menu that are low carb – we evaluate them and tell you what we think about them.

Churrascaria Restaurants : Brazilian Steakhouse Low Carb / High Fat Heaven

Gauchos Village Brazilian Churrascaria style restaurant in Southern California

A Brazilian Churrascaria is an all-you-can-eat steakhouse, commonly referred to as a Brazilian Steakhouse. Just let that sink in a moment. Steak, all you can eat. And they don't just serve steaks. In addition to bacon-wrapped filet mignon; marinated skirt steak, tri-tip; top sirloin; garlic beef; rib eye; and smoked short ribs, the selection also includes Polish sausage; BBQ chicken thighs; marinated pork loin; and marinated lamb. All you can eat.

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