Sugar Free Chick-O-Stick by Atkinson Candies

Atkinson Sugar Free Chick-O-Stick Candies

Sugar-free Chick-O-Sticks made with Splenda. Crunchy peanut butter and toasted coconut. Atkinson Candy’s exceptionally skilled confectioners have blended the finest quality ingredients to bring you a truly outstanding sugar-free candy. Now everyone watching their sugar intake can enjoy the great Chick-O-Stick flavor famous across the U.S.

Low Carb Holiday Shopping Guide: Sodastream Fizz – Soda Maker Value Kit

Sodastream Box 2

I bought a Sodastream Fizz Home Soda Maker Value Kit and I love it! It makes a great gift for your family or the low carb dieter you know who has everything. Each container of diet soda is easy-to-make, cost effective and tastes just like regular diet soda (except it uses Splenda as a sweetener instead of aspartame). You can even make regular soda for those who don’t drink diet sodas.

CiaoCarb High Protein Protobisco Cookies Return to the US

CiaoCarb Orange Protobisco

These high protein, low carb cookies are great as meal replacements, snacks, or special rewards on your low carb lifestyle. In Italy they are called “protobisco” (protein biscuit) and are top sellers in Italy, France and the rest of Europe. They’re great if you’re diabetic too because they have no sugar and taste great. Enjoy them at home or put them in a briefcase, gym bag or purse to have anytime and anywhere.

Australian Macadamia Nut Oil 250 ml

Australian Macadamia Nut Oil

With all the talk recently about Nutritional Ketosis, Many of us are looking for ways to add more healthy fat and oils to our low carb diet. One of the favorite low carb oils has been macadamia nut oil. This healthy oil gets 100% of it’s calories from fat – perfect for Nutritional Ketosis or a Fat Fast.

Mt. Olive Squeeze No Sugar Added Sweet Relish with Splenda 10 oz.

Mt. Olive Squeeze No Sugar Added Sweet Relish with Splenda 10 oz.

If you’re planning a low carb picnic, you’re going to need low carb condiments for those burgers and hot dogs. Lucky for us there are low carb versions of ketchup and mustard, and now there’s low carb Mt. Olive Squeeze No Sugar Added Sweet Relish with Splenda.