Misty Humphrey

Misty Humphrey studied at California’s State Certified Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition with honors earning a certification in Holistic Nutrition Education. When working with clients of varying needs, Misty’s holistic approach creates well-rounded support through diet analysis, supplement and lifestyle recommendation and individualized dietary guidance and education. Misty specializes in metabolic disorders and weight loss. Providing individual consultations as well as group lectures, Misty has a unique approach with a gentle touch assisting others in achieving their dietary and wellness goals through whole food nutrition. Many clients have experienced dramatic and permanent weight loss, normalization of digestion, elimination of medications and increased energy and vitality. As a holistic coach, Misty encourages making a healthy transition to a more enjoyable and sustainable disease free life. Misty is currently enrolled in Reed Davis’ Diagnostic Functional Nutrition focusing on digestion, detoxification, metabolic typing and hormonal recommendations through lab testing as well as mineral balancing through The Malter Institute. As an 85 pound weight loss maintainer for 14 years, mother of 3 and grandmother of 2, Misty knows the trials and challenges that we face in this very busy world of mixed message nutrition.