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Gluten-Free Living 101: How to Avoid Foods That Cause Gluten Disorders

Dilly Dip Gluten-Free Ingredients

Anyone can have celiac disease or gluten insensitivity; some people experience mild symptoms and others more severe ones. The breadth of symptoms, from bloating to joint pain to infertility, make gluten sensitivity difficult to diagnose with standard tools. Understanding how to avoid the foods that cause celiac and other gluten-related disorders may provide you with the answers – and the relief – you seek.

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Wheat Belly Book Review by Dana Carpender

I have read a big ol' pile of nutrition books in the past 33 years. I generally learn at least a little something from each one, or at the very least am reminded of a point I may have forgotten. But in his new book Wheat Belly, Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist from Milwaukee, and author of Track Your Plaque, and the Heart Scan Blog has written a book in which the majority of the information is new to me. I am agog. And excited - I am a big nutrition geek, after all; it's thrilling to have this sort of stuff presented to me, and presented in such a readable form.

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