2012 Low Carb Success Stories

Low Carb Success Stories from 2012.

Low Carb Success Story Susan W. by Amy Dungan

This success story starts with Susan being 380 pounds on her 40th birthday. Like many of us who have struggled with weight, she didn’t like being in photos and avoided them when possible. So when she got her photos back from the celebration, she didn’t recognize herself. “I not only looked bad, I felt horrible” says Susan.

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Low Carb Success Story Marilyn Brazzle by Amy Dungan

I'm thrilled to introduce our latest success story, Marilyn Brazzle, an inspiring and compassionate lady. A CPA working in management consulting for an accounting firm in Washington, DC, she resides in Frederick, MD and runs a non-profit sanctuary for homeless senior basset hounds. "At any time I'm sharing my home with about 20 old dogs," says Marilyn. Her exercise includes caring for her home, the dogs, and her commute to work.

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Low Carb Success Story Kent Altena by Amy Dungan

If you want true inspiration, you need look no further than Kent Altena. Eight years after starting Atkins, Kent is still literally half the man he used to be. In 15 months he'd shed 211 pounds and reached his goal. He's since rejoined the National Guard and has become a volunteer firefighter and EMT. He's also an active runner and has completed a number of marathons.

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