Dietitian Cassie

Cassie is a Registered, Licensed Dietitian, Nutrition and Fitness Expert and health coach, who is passionate about exposing people to healthy nutrition with real food. Through her company, Dietitian Cassie, she focuses on debunking rumors, diet myths and fads and teaches how to eat healthy by breaking down research-based material into practical forms that can be implemented into any lifestyle. Cassie believes in using real food for optimal health and performance. Cassie specializes in nutrition for weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, disordered eating and sports nutrition. She strives to live a balanced lifestyle through real food and exercise and enjoys helping others do the same. Visit her website at

Top 10 Tips on How to Talk to Your Doctor About Your Low Carb Diet

Set the stage for a friendly chat with your doctor

You have embraced healthy fats like butter and coconut oil, and adapted a fresh, real food approach to fueling your body. As a result you’ve shed pounds without feeling deprived, your energy levels have soared, and your cravings have been suppressed. But… you still feel slightly uncomfortable about telling your doctor the good news. Dietitian Cassie offers her top ten tips in sharing your new lifestyle with your doctor.

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