Hank Garner

A few years ago Hank was twice the man that he is now. Hank lost over 130 pounds on a low carb diet and has transformed not only his body but his whole outlook on life. For nearly 20 years he has been married to his beautiful wife Dawn and they have 5 wonderful children. Hank sees it as his fatherly duty to teach his kids the wonders and beauty of pursuing a life of bacon consumption.

Is Switching From Low Carb to Paleo Enough for Long Term Diet Success?

Exercising on the Beach

When people begin to learn about the Paleo diet, they are usually excited to hear they can add in fruits and a few starches. In my case, I learned that I could eat a few peaches without negative side effects.   However, I was also running upwards of 30 miles per week and training for marathons. Most of us are not expending that much energy on a daily basis.  To lose weight, we need to be low carb, even if we are eating "real food".

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