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Tony Blakemore: The Aussie LC Gourmet – Low Carb Recipes From Down Under

In May of 1998 my wife Margaret and I wholeheartedly adopted the low carb way of life. My weight loss since then has been about 35 pounds. Margs has lost about 25 pounds. Not only have we lost the weight but in Margaret's case, at least, have maintained the weight loss. have stayed at the Being a type II diabetic, I find it more difficult to hold on to the losses. I do lapse occasionally and have to struggle to get back to the lower weight level that I have achieved through low carbing. We are both continuing to slowly edge towards our target weights.

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A Wonderful Support System: Mary from Alabama’s Low Carb Success Story

Happy Low-Carb Friends

Mary from Alabama is 30 years old. She has been following the Atkins diet since February 29, 2000, and has lost 56 pounds, even though she takes the Depo Provera shot, which is known to cause problems with weight gain in some women. She told me she started having a problem with her weight at the age of 12, a time when many young girls will start to struggle with extra pounds. She has a wonderful support system.

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Splenda’s Splendid! Reasons to Add Splenda to Your Life

Splenda 200 Pack Packets

plenda, Splenda, Splenda. This word was drilled into my head like a mantra when I started this way of eating. Every low carb email list I belong to extolled its virtues. Almost every low carb recipe designed for the sweet tooth included packets of Splenda. I'd never heard of the stuff. Politely I asked, "What the @#$% is Splenda?" I was desperate to know.

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