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"White knuckle dieting only gets you so far - about as far as the scene of the crash." So says, Susie T. Gibbs, author of Fluffy Chix Cook, an irreverent food and recipe blog out of texas churning out tall tales and low carb vittles. Susie comes from a long line of fluffy chix who cooked (and talked) a blue streak, and she's on a mission. Having lost 86 pounds, she's a gun-toting dfsw (Delicate Flower of Southern Womanhood) with steely determination and deadly aim.

The Secret To Great Steak and Recipe

Great Steak Recipe - Rib Eye Steak

The number one rule of great steak is “Start with great meat.” What defines great meat? Is it grass‑fed, is it local, is it natural, is it grain finished? Yes. But, let your pocket‑book and monthly food budget answer that question. And even disregarding the 3 USDA meat grades: prime (prime‑aged), choice, and select, I maintain great meat (aka great steak) is available across all grades and in all budgets.

Low Carb Horseradish Sauce Recipe for Your Great Steaks

Low Carb Horseradish Sauce Recipe for Your Great Steaks

Easy. Peasy. We love this low carb horseradish sauce with all cuts of beef and lamb. It is terrific as a sauce and as a sandwich spread for leftovers using Fluffy Chix Cook Low Carb Focaccia bread. It’s especially great with grilled steak, prime rib, and Sunday roasts!

Maître D’ Hotel Butter (Compound Butter) Recipe for Your Great Steaks

Low Carb Compound Butter Recipe

Maître d’ Hotel Butter, otherwise known as Compound Butter or Chef Butter, are all names for a blend of butter and herbs served with meats and seafood. Make ½‑1 pound at a time, then wrap in parchment paper logs and freeze in zip lock bags until you need it next! This low carb topping will go perfect with your low carb great steaks this summer.

A Down Home Low Carb Comfort Food Valentine’s Day Meal to Remember

A Down Home Low Carb Comfort Food Valentine’s Day Meal to Remember

Why not make a Valentine’s Day meal the whole family will enjoy, that’s stealthily low carb and wholly delicious? We played a little fast and loose with our budget this month because of the special occasion–going beyond it a bit to add a decadent low carb dessert. Delicious recipes include Low Carb Lemon Chicken & Low Carb Mini Cheesecakes.

Budget Low Carb: A Chicken in Every Pot

CarbSmart Magazine January 2014 Issue

CarbSmart’s Budget Low Carb is pleased to bring you one soup–three ways. Join us in learning how to make bone broth soup, a natural gelatin-filled, liquid elixir. We’ll also make Quick Faux Pho made with gorgeous white meat and shirataki noodles, as well as Italian Chicken Vegetable soup jam-packed with fresh veggies and home-style Italian flavor.