Dana Carpender

You know Dana Carpender from her popular cookbooks -- all 20+ of them, so far. A pioneer of the low-carb frontier, Dana has been fighting the low-fat lie since 1996 at HoldTheToast. She lives in Indiana with three dogs, a cat, a backyard full of chickens -- and, of course, That Nice Boy She Married, with whom she shares much bacon on a pleasant Sunday morning.

Dana’s Carpender’s Low Carb Anniversary – The 33% Report

CarbSmart Magazine September 2013

I dropped the carbs from my diet the day after Labor Day 1995. I would have started a few days earlier, but I invited a bunch of people over for a Labor Day cookout, and already started making the food. So I consider the Tuesday after Labor Day my LowCarbiversary. It's been 18 years I've been eating this way, and since I'm 54 – 55 in October – that means I've been low carb for exactly one third of my life - that's 33%.

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