Kent Altena

A low carb success story having lost more 200 pounds on the Atkins Diet, Kent Altena spends his time paying back the support he received when he first started the low carb lifestyle. He produces low carb educational and cooking videos on YouTube and is proud to note he has more subscribers and video views than Paula Dean. One of his goals in losing weight was to reenlist in the military, which was instrumental in his discovering a new love for running. He has since run many full and half marathons. Kent’s popular blog, Atkins Diet Geek gets thousands of visitors daily.

Exercise Reward and Motivation

CarbSmart Magazine September 2013

Summer is coming to an end, and as the days get shorter and cooler it can become more difficult to maintain the zeal for exercise you had earlier in the season. No longer can nights or evenings be dedicated to working out, since your kids might have a concert or sporting event to attend or need to be picked up from an event. All these distractions make working out more difficult. So, how do you stay motivated to work out in the face of mounting demands on your time?

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