Being Jealous Doesn’t Get You Anywhere

Straight Talk And No Nonsense Have you ever perused the ten commandments? They are the basic rules for civilized human behavior, summed up concisely in only ten basic simple sentences. But has it ever occurred to you to wonder what something relatively benign like jealousy is doing right up there …

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The Challenge of Maintenance

You've lost the weight. You got on the scales one morning and there it was, your goal weight. Or you went to the gym and had your body fat percentage checked and found out that you were already below your goal body fat percentage, even though you hadn't gotten to goal weight. Or you finally got into that goal outfit, that goal dress or pant size.

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Bouncing Back From My Cheatin’ Ways

Much like how Dolly Parton has to be thankful to the underwire in her bra, I am so very thankful for the support shown by all my readers during my "Operation: Atkins 2.0"! I replied personally to many of you who mailed me, but after 36 hours, 2 boxes of Band-Aids for my blistered fingers, and a full bottle of Visine Eye-Drops, I decided to go with a blanket statement of thanks for the remainder of you. So if you didn't hear back from me, it's not because I'm unappreciative of the support, I just didn't have the time/strength/power to do it! The mind is strong, but the body is oh so WEAK!

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