Establishing Boundaries

Do we believe that other people care what we eat? And if we do, do we believe that what they think matters? Even my parents recognized my sister's and my rights to establish a fair boundary in the back-seat. They might have quibbled with our techniques, but no one questioned our rights to boundaries. The same should be true of our eating. It is a uniquely personal decision, effecting no one else directly and only a limited number of people in our lives even indirectly. Why not allow ourselves the dignity of establishing a few no trespassing signs?

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Are You Looking For Support?

Low carbing can be very lonely. We low carbers are not part of the mainstream of society (yet), and finding support and information can be pretty tough. I am convinced that one of the reasons Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig have been around so long and have been so successful as businesses is because they offer real, physical places to go to and real people to talk with.

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Cheats vs. Choices: The Difference Between “Dieting” and a Healthy Lifestyle

Well, the holidays are over, and for many of us, that means "getting back on track" with our eating. Maybe it was that fancy dessert at the in-laws', or maybe it was something savory and nibbly at the office holiday party that led you to eat too many carbohydrates, but now it's the new year, and you're recommitting to a new you.

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No One Ever Makes A New Year’s Resolution Like This

No One Ever Makes A New Year's Resolution Like This

No one ever makes a new year's resolution like this: "This year I resolve to find a product which will magically turn me thin, and I resolve to buy it." No one ever makes a new year's resolution like this, either: "This year I will find a magic expert to take over my life and by following them exactly I will lose weight."

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New Year’s Resolutions: A Challenge For All Of Us

CarbSmart Notebooks

New Year's Resolutions are promises that we make to ourselves. Some of us believe in making New Year's resolutions; some don't. I happen to believe in them. I believe that it is our obligation to strive to better ourselves, and that making promises to ourselves to do certain things (or not do certain things, as the case may be) will help us to accomplish our goals is one tool we can use to improve ourselves. The trouble is that most of us don't know squat about making effective promises - to ourselves or to anybody else.

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A Journey Without A Roadmap

Have you ever tried to refold a roadmap? I have. It's not pretty. Two hundred miles from home, toddler yelling, and dear husband giving me the look. What made me think that a road trip across country with a 2-year-old was a good idea? My inability to refold this innocuous little piece of paper seemed to be the straw to my camel. I pushed it to the floor, determined to deal with it later.

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Delilah’s Mirror Episode 2: The Truth About Body Image And Low Fat Diets

At age 15 and weighing 160 pounds, I thought I was the most humongous girl God had put on the face of the planet, but you know what? I ran across a picture of myself recently and realized that I if could had lost 20 or 30 pounds and grown a little taller, I would have been okay. I became the quintessential example of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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A New Day And New Priorities: Being Prepared For The Unforeseen

In the wake of September 11th, many of us are thinking about disaster preparations, things we can do to prepare ourselves for the unforeseen. Foremost in our minds at this time are terrorist attacks, of course, but there are other kinds of disasters, too. Many of us live in areas that are prone to earthquakes, forest fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, blizzards, or lengthy power outages.

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A New Day & New Priorities: Why We Should Stay On Plan

Suddenly getting into those reference jeans doesn't seem quite so important anymore, does it? The tragic events of September 11th have shifted all our priorities, and looking good isn't as high up on the list as it used to be. Now we have more important things to think about. But that doesn't mean than staying on plan isn't still important.

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All Carbohydrates Are Not Equal

Atkins products are specifically formulated to minimize the impact of carbohydrates on a person's blood sugar level because elevated blood sugar and the resulting excess insulin production can inhibit weight loss, weight management and increase the risk of disease and illness.

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