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Salsa Baja Skillet Sauce Starter by La Tortilla Factory

Salsa Baja Skillet Sauce Starter from La Tortilla Factory – Gluten-Free & Low-Carb

Salsa Baja (sometimes called Salsa Negra or Black Salsa) is most known as a salsa-bar-favorite from the restaurant chain Baja Fresh. It is an obviously darker salsa that is heavily roasted to give it the distinctive flavor and color. The addition of a small amount of lemon juice concentrate and lime juice concentrate mixed with garlic gives it a slightly sweet taste without adding too many carbs.

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Best Keto Thanksgiving Dinner

How to Prepare the Best Keto Thanksgiving Celebration

You don’t need to blow your diet on white bread stuffing and pies this Thanksgiving. Instead of making excuses, eat keto on turkey day. You’ll stay on your current plan without losing an ounce of flavor. It’s natural to associate the word “diet” with bland, tasteless food, but with keto, this isn’t the case. You don’t have to give up the gravy to enjoy a fabulous holiday feast that’s keto-friendly.

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Baja Bob's Sugar-Free Pina Colada Mix Packets

Baja Bob’s Sugar-Free Pina Colada Mix 43g packet – makes 1/2 gallon

Introducing the new Baja Bob's Low-Carb Sugar-Free Pina Colada Mix. Each packet makes up to 16 cocktails! Regular Pina Colada's are notoriously high in calories, high in carbs and high in sugar, so Bob created a new Sugar-Free Pina Colada mix, but in a powdered form. Bob worked tirelessly to create a powdered Pina Colada mix that is better than any liquid Pina Colada mix on the's that good!!! Baja Bob created an authentic tasting creamy pina colada but without all the calories, carbs and sugar.

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