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LC Foods Low Carb Fresh Baked Pizza

Low Carb Fresh Baked Pizza Shells by LC Foods Review

It doesn’t matter if you’re Italian (Sicilian actually) like me or just the average American–we all love pizza. Before our dedication to low carb living, I’m sure we all had pizza at least once per week (and more likely 2 or 3 times each week). But all that pizza crust probably was a major contributor to our obesity before low carbing. That’s why when LC Foods asked me to review their Fresh Baked Low Carb Pizza Shells I was ready–boy was I ready.

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Low Carb Pancake Mix by LC Foods

Low Carb Pancake Mix by LC Foods

LC Foods' Low Carb Pancake Mix will take a little extra time to prepare because you need to add some fresh, low carb ingredients to it which other low carb mixes don't have you do. Some people will not want to take the little extra time to make this pancake mix but if I'm going to get a better flavor, then what's a few extra minutes?

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Low Carb Fresh Baked Sub Rolls by LC Foods

Low Carb Fresh Baked Sub Rolls by LC Foods Review

As low carbers, we are so used to not having bread that the thought of having an actual submarine sandwich is too foreign to us. I remember the amazing sub sandwiches I would get in my hometown of Rochester, NY, but they were definitely not low carb. That’s why when LC Foods asked me to review their Low Carb Fresh Baked Sub Rolls, I couldn’t wait. LC Foods sells these pre-made sub rolls in a package of 3. They come ready to eat, each one weighing about 13 oz. They look, feel and smell like real sub rolls, but only have 3 net carbs per 1/2 roll. How do they accomplish this? By using resistant starches as their main ingredients.

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Celebrating All of Your Low-Carb Holidays

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3 Question Interview with Christine Moore, FNTP – CarbSmart Podcast Episode 12

Dana Carpender 3 Question Christine Moore

In Episode 12 of the CarbSmart Podcast, I am interviewing Christine Moore, a functional nutritional therapy practitioner. Having talked to registered dietitians who embrace carbohydrate restriction about the fact that food corporations are a major source of funding, or college dietetics programs and the effect that has on what they are taught and what they are permitted to say to their clients.

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What Is A Keto Diet? Keto Basics with Dana Carpender: What You Need to Know – CarbSmart Podcast Episode 8

What is a Keto Diet

This episode of the CarbSmart Podcast, hosted by Dana Carpender, explores the ketogenic diet—a low-carb, high-fat diet that aims to trigger ketosis in the body. Dana discusses the scientific principles behind ketosis, shares practical advice for adopting a keto lifestyle, and addresses common myths. Listeners will gain insight from Dana's personal experiences and professional knowledge, gaining tools to make informed dietary choices.

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How’s Your New Year’s Resolution? Remember Things Take Time – CarbSmart Podcast Episode 6

Things Take Time Podcast

So how are those Low-Carb New Year's resolutions coming? I'd like to add one to them if you don't mind. Be patient. Remember Things Take Time. Impatience is the death of most diet and exercise regimens, whether undertaken for the new year or at any other time. In our podcast, Dana Carpender examines the expectations of Low-Carb Resolutions and how to turn them into Low-Carb Reality.

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How to Succeed with Your Low-Carb Resolutions – CarbSmart Podcast Episode 5

How to Succeed with your Low-Carb Resolutions

I'm pretty sure I was supposed to have a flying car and a robot maid by now, but I'll settle for a healthy body and a happy life. How about you? I think it's the annual reminder of the relentless passage of time that makes New Year's Day a great time to to rededicate ourselves to achieving and preserving those things, in the interests of doing just that. Here are some suggestions for low-carb New Year's resolutions.

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2023 Low-Carb Alcohol Guide – CarbSmart Podcast Episode 4

Low-Carb Alcohol Guide Episode 4

Ring in the New Year without compromising your low-carb lifestyle with our comprehensive Low-Carb Alcohol Guide. Discover how to enjoy festive spirits and toasts while maintaining ketosis with our curated selection of keto-friendly drink options. Understand the carb count of various alcoholic beverages so you can enjoy a festive and guilt-free celebration. Let's toast to a healthy, happy, and low-carb New Year!

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Low-Carb Holiday Gift Giving – CarbSmart Podcast Episode 3

Low-Carb Holiday Gift Giving

Discover the joy of low-carb holiday gift-giving with CarbSmart! Dive into a treasure trove of creative ideas and thoughtful tips that will make your holiday season both merry and carb-conscious. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a low-carb enthusiast or seeking inspiration to treat your loved ones without compromising on health, this is your go-to guide. Tune in to explore a range of options that celebrate the festive spirit while staying true to a low-carb lifestyle.

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Refusing Holiday Food and Staying Low-Carb – CarbSmart Podcast Episode 1

Refusing Holiday Food & Staying Low-Carb

CarbSmart Podcast Episode 1: Refusing Holiday Food and Staying Low-Carb can be tough at first but you can do it to avoid the Food Pushers. The holidays are straight ahead, and with them piles and piles of carby junk, and worse, people nagging you to eat the stuff. Why so many people think that saying things like "But you have to eat it! It's traditional!" and "I worked all afternoon making it just for you" constitutes an expression of holiday goodwill, I have no idea, but sadly this behavior is all too common. You need to think ahead about how to respond to this sort of thing.

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