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CarbSmart - Down Side to Prescription Drugs

The Down Side to Prescription Drugs – What You May Not Know

Many people taking prescription or OTC meds are willing to risk some mild side effects to feel better. Package inserts, drug info sites on the Internet, pharmacists, and the prescribing practitioner can be helpful providing information about side effects. However, one of the potentially damaging side effects you are rarely told about is the negative effect of medications on nutrient levels. Drugs can interfere with absorption of nutrients or inappropriately increase excretion. Keep in mind that vitamins and minerals play a major role in hundreds and hundreds of chemical reactions in the body vital for life.

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CarbSmart Magazine June 2013

Farmers Markets: A Total Grocery Solution

Farmers Markets: A Total Grocery Solution By Valerie Berkowitz in the June 2013 issue of CarbSmart Magazine. Think the farmer's market was just for tomatoes? Think again. With the explosion of local small farms, farmer's markets provide an astonishing array of excellent quality food at a more reasonable cost than you might imagine.

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Emily Dewey

Introducing Emily Dewey, Holistic Health Coach

Hello low-carb cronies, Atkins admirers, Paleo pals! So happy to be joining you here at CarbSmart. I am excited to share my love of all things Paleo-tastic with you, and hopefully provide some insight into this similar, yet different approach to weight-loss and wellness gains!

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Pasta Carbs

Finding Your Own Personal Carb Limit

Most of us have adopted a low carb lifestyle for health reasons and have had tremendous success, both with weight loss and reversing diseases of modern civilization. When we first start out, the weight loss and energy we feel from reducing our carb intake keeps us motivated. Once we’ve reached our goals, it can be tricky trying to navigate adding carbs back into our diets without completely going off the rails.

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low-carb cooking 101
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Celebrating All of Your Low-Carb Holidays