One Genuine Risk of Starting a Low Carbohydrate Diet

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Carbohydrate restriction is such a dramatically effective intervention that many medications will need to be adjusted immediately. This is particularly true of all blood sugar medications

Will a Low Carb Diet Help A Type 1 Diabetic?

Taking Insulin for Type 1 Diabetes

Dr. John Briffa in a recent article poses that if a type 1 diabetic eats less carbs, they will balance their blood sugar levels just like type 2 diabetics do with a low carb diet.

Torani Sugar Free Syrups

With handwritten recipes from their hometown of Lucca, Italy, Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre introduced Torani syrups to the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco in 1925. Mixing their syrup recipes with sparkling water, the Torres introduced the classic Italian soda to local cafes, and soon began mixing, blending and selling Torani Syrups from their Italian wholesale grocery. Over the years they created some of the best Sugar Free flavors around. Sweetened with Splenda and Acesulfame Potassium.

Monin O’free Sugar Free Syrups 750ml bottles

Monin O’free Sugar Free Syrup 750ml bottles offer a premium gourmet flavor and traditional syrup texture, yet are free of sugar, calories and aftertaste.

DaVinci Gourmet Sugar Free Syrups 750 ml. bottles

DaVinci Gourmet Sugar Free Syrup. No Calorie Flavored Syrup. Sweetened with SPLENDA, these syrups have the same world-class flavor as as you’d expect from a sugar-sweetened syrups, but without the calories.

Wheat Belly Book Review by Dana Carpender


I have read a big ol’ pile of nutrition books in the past 33 years. I generally learn at least a little something from each one, or at the very least am reminded of a point I may have forgotten. But in his new book Wheat Belly, Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist from Milwaukee, and author of Track Your Plaque, and the Heart Scan Blog has written a book in which the majority of the information is new to me. I am agog. And excited – I am a big nutrition geek, after all; it’s thrilling to have this sort of stuff presented to me, and presented in such a readable form.