Susie T. Gibbs

“White knuckle dieting only gets you so far – about as far as the scene of the crash.” So says Susie T. Gibbs, author of Fluffy Chix Cook, an irreverent food and recipe blog out of Texas churning out tall tales and low carb vittles. Susie comes from a long line of fluffy chix who cooked (and talked) a blue streak and she’s on a mission. Having lost 86 pounds, she’s a gun-toting DFSW (Delicate Flower of Southern Womanhood) with steely determination and deadly aim. And she wants to help you live a healthy, low carb life while enjoying all the comfort foods you’ve come to know and love. No willpower necessary. Please join Susie and go from fluffy to fit one low carb meal at a time. And don’t forget, you too can learn how to wrangle a tangle of bacon and skin chiles like a champ when you join SusieT in Fluffy Chix low carb adventures along the azalea trails and tangled bayous of the wild and wicked, Texas Gulf Coast.

Eating To Beat Breast Cancer – Part 2 of a 3 Part Series

What do you eat to prevent breast cancer, or cure it if you are unfortunate enough to be fighting it? Will proper nutrition help you beat it? And just what is “proper nutrition”? What role does a low carb lifestyle play in nutrition and breast cancer? The answers to these questions are not clear-cut or easily determined. In order to discuss these questions, we must first understand a few things about the nature of the beast. We must also understand the difficulties involved in writing nutritional policies for use on populations with breast cancer.

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Good-bye Summer. Good-bye Tomatoes. The Last of The Summer Tomatoes

Summer's tomato bounty yields deep, intense flavor.

August & September in Texas signals an end to the summer's crop of fresh tomatoes.  This is our signal to stock up on hearty, rich tasting, vine ripened tomatoes - and do that voodoo we do so well with them before the tasteless winter imposters make the scene. Susie T. Gibbs tells us that now is the time to freeze, can, make sauces, soups, pastes, juice, and chop these prize tomatoes and provides us with a host of recipe ideas.

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Budget Low Carb Cooking – Your Partner During Trying Financial Times

Often, the key to successful weight loss doesn’t begin with our bellies or end with our brains. For many, the battle of the bulge actually begins and ends with our budget. How do you cook budget-friendly low carb meals on a shoestring? Let's stretch those budgets and see just how much we can squeeze out of every penny. In her new column, Budget Low Carb Cooking, Susie T. Gibbs gives us affordable options for your low carb lifestyle.

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Low-Carb & Keto Barbecued Pulled Pork Recipe

Low-Carb & Keto Barbequed Pulled Pork

Nope it isn’t Texas Barbecue, but it’s a whole lot easier and doesn’t require years of hard-won knowledge of hardwood and the intricacies of slow-smoking meats. It’s the best Low-Carb & Keto un-barbecue you’ll ever eat!

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Winning the Attitude Game on the Road to Low Carb Weight Loss Success

Susie T Gibbs Fluffy Chix

Weight-related lack of self-esteem can stop anyone from achieving their success with the low carb lifestyle. In her first column for, Susie T. Gibbs shows us that winning the attitude game means more than starting you journey of reaching your goal of losing weight, it involves beginning the journey to self-love.

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Low Carb Mornay Sauce – Budget Low Carb Cooking Base

Mornay Sauce

This is such a simple sauce and so elegant. It works over chicken, turkey, game hens, and seafood of all kinds, especially shrimp and lobster - when they are on sale! It's also delicious over veggies! The nuttiness of the sauce is intensified when you broil it for a couple of minutes.

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