Di Bauer

What Should Your Goal Be?

Do you tell people what you weigh or what size you wear? In the dark of night, when you're lying in bed and can't sleep, do you admit to yourself what you weigh? Do you tell your family you don't want clothes for your birthday because you don't want to tell them what size to buy? Do the numbers haunt you? Do you wind up asking yourself, "How did I let this happen?" Are you embarrassed, ashamed, or frightened?

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Are You Looking For Support?

Low carbing can be very lonely. We low carbers are not part of the mainstream of society (yet), and finding support and information can be pretty tough. I am convinced that one of the reasons Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig have been around so long and have been so successful as businesses is because they offer real, physical places to go to and real people to talk with.

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A New Day And New Priorities: Being Prepared For The Unforeseen

In the wake of September 11th, many of us are thinking about disaster preparations, things we can do to prepare ourselves for the unforeseen. Foremost in our minds at this time are terrorist attacks, of course, but there are other kinds of disasters, too. Many of us live in areas that are prone to earthquakes, forest fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, blizzards, or lengthy power outages.

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