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Meet Dana Carpender, Low Carb Expert, Author, Long Time CarbSmart Friend

Last week I spent several hours on the phone with Dana Carpender, the author of How I Gave Up My Low Fat Diet And Lost Forty Pounds. I have a word of warning for you. Do not talk to Dana if you're depressed and want to stay that way. Do not talk to Dana if you're bored and want to stay that way. Dana is upbeat, informative, funny, and fascinating. It would be impossible to be in a grand blue funk when you called her and still be in one when you hung up the phone. Impossible.

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No Low Carber Is An Island: Dealing with Acts of Sabotage & Self Sabotage

In the movie Cast Away, Tom Hanks character is marooned on a deserted island where for four years he consumes a nearly perfect low carbohydrate diet of crab and coconut. On this Paleolithic diet it is no surprise that his body becomes sculpted, lean and strong. Of course, we could all do that if we were in such a situation. If the only foods available to us were the healthiest of low carb foods we would never be tempted, would we?

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An Early Low-Carb Success Story: The Bickfords

It is always a joy to meet new low carbers, and even more so when you meet couples who are not only partners in marriage but in low carbing, too. The Bickfords are from Maine, and have been married 19 years. Lori is 37 years old; her husband Ralph is 40. They have two children, Tori, 17, and Feather, 15. Lisa is a full-time MRI technologist. She also teaches and sells Creative Memories scrap booking supplies and gives classes.

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