Going Primal – An Insider’s Look at CrossFit & Low Carb

Going Primal - An Insider’s Look at CrossFit & Low Carb

I am a certified personal trainer and have been a focused exerciser for over twenty years. Looking for a very structured plan that would offer variety and intensity I discovered CrossFit, which was new on the scene in my neighborhood. It seemed like a perfect fit.

Fat Head, Director’s Cut by Tom Naughton Documentary Review

Fat Head, Director's Cut DVD

Comedian Tom Naughton started out with the intention to film a rebuttal to Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Super Size Me but what he ended up with was so much more. After he started looking into the nutritional science behind our national dietary recommendations, Tom realized something was very wrong – the science and the recommendations didn’t align. Fat Head quickly morphed into a funny and educational combination that teaches you to look critically at the science, understand how the body/food connection actually works, and to think for yourself with this snazzy little thing called a functioning brain. He reminds us that we aren’t stupid, despite what certain organizations would like us to believe, and we can make smart decisions all by our little ole’ selves.

My Journey to Low Carb Part 3: From Low Carb to Primal


Many things happened when I switched from a low carb approach to a Primal lifestyle, but perhaps the biggest change was my attitude. I started questioning things. I no longer ate something simply because it was low carb; I now needed to know everything that was in my food, where it came from, and how it was made. Since a Primal diet didn’t allow for legumes, grains or processed foods, a lot of the foods I had eaten in the past – Atkins bars, low carb tortillas, and tofu to name a few – were off the list.

My Journey to Low Carb Part 2: Committing and Recommitting to Low Carb Eating


My first few days of low carb eating were incredibly easy. I found that I wasn’t as hungry as I used to be and I had more energy. I was propelled by adrenaline – excited to finally be trying something I was sure was going to work. In Tara Grant’s Journey to Low Carb Part 2, like many of us, she learned she had to commit and recommit to Low Carb Eating.

My Journey to Low Carb: Part 1: Did I have PCOS?


In her first column for CarbSmart, Tara Grant, Primal Girl, explores her history with sugar addiction and how after finding the right doctor to diagnose and treat her Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), she started her journey to better health. This journey includes the steps she took to the low carb lifestyle and eventually to refining it the Paleo/Primal way.

Going Primal with Dana Carpender


When I started low carbing in 1995, low fat/high carb mania was still in full swing. Snackwells were selling like crazy, pasta salad and bagels were still “healthy,” and I was clearly nuts. (Well, that had been clear for quite a while, but for other reasons.) Even I was worried I might keel over dead in the first six weeks.