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How to Prepare the Best Ketogenic Fall Barbecue

Don't cover that grill and stow it away for winter quite yet! If you do, you’ll be missing out on one of the best seasons to throw a ketogenic fall barbecue. More than that, grilling blends perfectly with the ketogenic diet. Cooking low-carb vegetables and meat outdoors imparts a signature smoky flavor no oven can replicate.

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James Cordon Fat Shaming

Fat Shaming – Is It OK To Fat Shame Another Person?

On the September 6, 2019 episode of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, the 63-year-old, comedian ran a segment where he looked in the camera and told the world it is OK to fat-shame people who are overweight. Is it ever ok to fat-shame another human being? Is fat-shaming acceptable to you or your friends and family? Fat-shaming is bullying, plain & simple.

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High Carb Foods and Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance – Causes and the Benefits of Eating a Low-Carb Diet

Insulin resistance is a common medical condition and is extremely prominent in the overweight population. When someone is insulin resistant, their body no longer makes full use of the insulin produced by their pancreas. Insulin resistance is the reason why when some of us try to diet by reducing our calories but continuing to eat carbohydrates, we feel horrible and either don't lose weight or sometimes even gain weight. If you are insulin resistant, consumption of high levels of carbohydrates will cause your blood sugars to rise and will stimulate your pancreas to produce more insulin.

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low-carb cooking 101
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Celebrating All of Your Low-Carb Holidays