Low Carb Holiday Shopping Guide: Sodastream Fizz – Soda Maker Value Kit

Sodastream Box 2

I bought a Sodastream Fizz Home Soda Maker Value Kit and I love it! It makes a great gift for your family or the low carb dieter you know who has everything. Each container of diet soda is easy-to-make, cost effective and tastes just like regular diet soda (except it uses Splenda as a sweetener instead of aspartame). You can even make regular soda for those who don’t drink diet sodas.

CarbSmart Magazine Issue 05: July/August 2013: Low Carb & Gluten Free

CarbSmart Magazine Issue 5 July 2013

Purchase & Download PDF Version of July/August 2013 Issue of CarbSmart Magazine from CarbSmart.com, 115 Pages. Articles by Dana Carpender, Misty Humphrey, Tracey Rollison, Susie T. Gibbs, Amy Dungan, Ed Stockly, Jacqueline Eberstein, RN, and many more. Also includes 9 low carb/high fat recipes.

CarbSmart Magazine Issue 07 November 2013: Giving Thanks for Low Carb Thanksgiving

CarbSmart Magazine November 2013 Issue

Why is it that we usually say that “Thanksgiving is the time of year we give thanks for…” and list a bunch of things we are thankful for? There’s nothing wrong with that, but why aren’t we vocal more often about this incredible life we have been given? Most of us have successfully changed aspects of our life that are improving our health, extending our life, and helping us enjoy everything this life has to give. Well, this Thanksgiving, let’s try to be thankful more often and let’s try to tell the people we are thankful for that we are happy to have them in our lives. Here is what you will find in the November 2013 issue of CarbSmart Magazine.

CiaoCarb High Protein Protobisco Cookies Return to the US

CiaoCarb Orange Protobisco

These high protein, low carb cookies are great as meal replacements, snacks, or special rewards on your low carb lifestyle. In Italy they are called “protobisco” (protein biscuit) and are top sellers in Italy, France and the rest of Europe. They’re great if you’re diabetic too because they have no sugar and taste great. Enjoy them at home or put them in a briefcase, gym bag or purse to have anytime and anywhere.

13 Paleo and Gluten Free Kindle Cookbooks Currently Free on Amazon.com

25 Kickass Slow Cooker Recipes

13 Free Paleo and Gluten Free Cookbooks at Amazon.com. I am not vouching for the quality of the cookbooks. It is also possible that the price can change from free at any time. I am just giving everyone a bunch of options for their low carb, Paleo, and/or gluten free kitchens.

The Incredible Low Carb Meal I Had at the Greek Food Festival

Andrew's Low Carb Greek Meal

I had a great Low Carb Greek Salad at the 41st Annual Las Vegas Greek Food Festival hosted by St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Las Vegas, NV. I couldn’t just walk up to one booth and buy the ultimate Low Carb Greek Meal – I had to assemble it myself but it was worth it!

Using the Fat Fast & A Ketogenic Diet For Menopausal Weight Loss

Fat Fast Cookbook Now in Paperback

Are you having trouble losing or maintaining a healthy weight during menopause? A Fat Fast and Ketogenic Diet is helping Dr. Judy Suzanne Reis Tsafrir and it could help you too.

Fat Fast Cookbook Paperback Now Available on Amazon.com!

Fat Fast Cookbook Now in Paperback

The long awaited 100 page paperback edition is now available from Amazon.com. The Fat Fast Cookbook was written by Dana Carpender, Amy Dungan, and Rebecca Latham to help anyone looking to break a low carb weight loss stall or for those looking to kick their body into fat-burning Nutritional Ketosis.

Get CarbSmart’s Easy Living Low-Carb Cooking Cookbook for $9.95 Including Shipping!

Easy Living Low-Carb Cooking on Sale

Get CarbSmart’s Easy Living Low-Carb Cooking Cookbook for $9.95 Including Shipping! We have a limited number of copies of our Best Selling Induction-Friendly cookbook with slightly damaged covers on sale for $9.95 INCLUDING SHIPPING (in the US).