Ain’t That Nutritional Ketosis Thing Just Another Way Of Saying Atkins?

Dr. Robert Atkins Low-Carb Nutrition

Isn't Nutritional Ketosis Just Another Way Of Saying Atkins? Nutritional Ketosis is the idea of putting your body in a keto-adapted or fat-adapted state through the use of a well-formulated high-fat, adequate (moderate) protein, low-carb diet. Until you get the macronutrient mix that is right for YOU, the health benefits of nutritional ketosis will continue to elude you. This article explains the concept and how adapting it has put him back on the road of low carb success.

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Winning the Attitude Game on the Road to Low Carb Weight Loss Success

Susie T Gibbs Fluffy Chix

Weight-related lack of self-esteem can stop anyone from achieving their success with the low carb lifestyle. In her first column for, Susie T. Gibbs shows us that winning the attitude game means more than starting you journey of reaching your goal of losing weight, it involves beginning the journey to self-love.

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